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Monday, February 22, 2016

Clough Creek Tebidaba Agip Pipeline Manifold Blown up

As our two weeks ultimatum to the Buhari led government is about to elapse and the government deemed it fit to turn blind eye at our demands.
At about 3:30am on Friday 19th February, 2016. The Strike Team 6 one of the numerous strike teams of the Niger Delta Avengers all around the region blew up the Clough Creek Tebidaba Agip Pipeline Manifold in Bayelsa State.

This is in line with the recent displeasurable happenings in the region for which we outlined in the position and demands in an earlier post tagged "Operation Red Economy". We are hoping this warning operation will awaken the federal government to attend to our demands as untold terror will befall the oil sector in the Niger Delta upon the elapse of our ultimatum.

To further emphasize our seriousness; we have concluded all arrangement with men positioned strategically across the region waiting for direction from our high command to unleash more of such attacks in the days and weeks ahead.

The Niger Delta Avengers will give our eyes no sleep for as long as the Buhari led administration will continue to marginalize and enslave our people.


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