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Sunday, April 17, 2016


The recent proclamation of the federal government to bombard the people of the Niger Delta as stated in Beijing China is a clear indicator that President Buhari and his Northern brothers led government scales the oil in the Niger Delta far more important than the lives of the Niger Deltans. Few days ago the vice president and the Governor of delta state visited the Forcados terminal to inspect the SPDC 48 inches export pipeline we (Niger Delta Avengers) blew up and they never care to see for themselves what the natives (Ogulagha people) the host community are going through in the hands of SPDC as a result of the oil and gas exploration for decades. Ogulagha community is just one such case across the Niger Delta.

For the federal Government to send the both Ministers of Environment and the Vice president to Visit the Forcados Terminal after the Bombing of the Export pipeline clearly shows how important that place is to the federal government. The mind-blowing question here is how about the people of the community?

Bonny exporting Terminal and the Bonny Island in River State, Chevron and Ugborodo community in Delta State. These mentioned places are heart beat of Nigeria Economy but they all facing same hardship as the Ogulagha community which host the Forcados Terminal.

It is a slight on our struggle and quite embarrassing for Mr. President to liken us to his kinsmen (Boko Haram) who are hell bent on swimming in innocent blood until they Islamize the nation. It is demonic of a President who has remained silent over the inhumane and barbaric activities of the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the world (the Fulani Herdsmen) who ransack communities on a daily basis and commit pogrom by attempting to wipe out people from their various communities across the nation and use pipeline vandalism as an excuse to bombard the Niger Delta Region. It only backs our claim that the federal government is only interested in the oil and not the wellbeing of the Niger Delta people.

The struggle of the Niger Delta Avengers is a genuine affront to ensure that the Niger Delta is developed in proportions that are only measurable with the immense wealth from our region and our environment remediated to its original state. Unlike the blood tasty kinsmen of Mr. President; we take no pleasure in claiming innocent lives hence our struggle is geared toward attacking the oil installations in our region and not the people. And we shall stop at nothing until our goal is achieved.

The presidency can go ahead and setup a permanent security force as stated by the Vice President when he visited the SPDC, Forcados Terminal; we are not deterred by such threats as we are highly spirited and shall continue blowing up pipelines until the Niger Delta people are no longer marginalized by the Nigerian actors. Yes the military have sworn to lay down their lives to protect Nigeria; WE HAVE ON OUR PART SWORN TO DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT THE INTEREST OF THE NIGER DELTA PEOPLE.

Let be on the records that apart of our deliberate efforts to attract the attention of the federal government and the international community to the plight of the Niger Delta people other forms of pipeline vandalism are widely encouraged and aides by officials of the Nigerian armed forces. We want the general public to note that the Nigerian Armed Forces collects three Naira per litre of the sum accruing from the total number of barrels loaded by any vessel in all illegal bunkery activities referred to as "black oil business". Army/Naval top officials and their foot soldiers daily carried out the said actions in the creeks of the Niger delta. As a way of advise, illegal bunkery will not stop in the Niger Delta until such bad eggs in the military are fished out. Yet the Chief of Naval Staff is declaring operation Tsare Teku instead of cleaning his house.

We are the Niger Delta Avengers; a group of educated and well-travelled individuals that are poised to take the Niger Delta struggled to a new height that has never been seen in this nation before. We are well-equipped human resources to meet this goal.

Our advice to the Chinese government and every other government that is planning to borrow the federal government of Nigeria money are all doing that at their own risk. Because there will be no liter of crude oil to service the loan deal they planning to do. This also goes to the International oil companies in the country to adhere to our warnings and advise the federal government to hid our demands, especially the development of the Niger Delta Region. That’s the only time the oil installations in our region will be safe
Col. Madoch Agbinibo.


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